*This is a post from long ago. Maybe six months or so. Enjoy, but take everything in it with a grain of salt. Nothing has been edited, revised, etc.

(Dream-01TheLion's_Blood) – 2:52am

I had a passive dream with chaotic undertones. By this, I mean that the dream setting itself was passive, but the events in it were not. I woke up about an hour ago, confused and horrified, and decided to record everything before I forgot. I don't know why, but as bizarre as this dream is it feels somewhat important.

This is going to be every Freudian-psychoanalyst's wet dream.

Here goes nothing.

My stepfather took me to a restaurant that belonged to a Salvadorean woman who I (now) believe was his mother or aunt—someone he knew and admired. The restaurant looked rather cold and put together, if you consider the new McDonald's restaurant style that began popping up a couple of years ago -nice-. It was dark outside, and my stepfather and I were running away from snakes which -he- had brought into -my- house. There were at least six (or ten) of them, all in various sizes and colors, and my (poor) mother was left behind to take care of getting them out of the house. My siblings weren't there. I feel like it's important to mention that. It was just -my- mother, myself, and my stepfather (who took me away from home) in -my- home.

My mother was absolutely fantastic in this dream. She protected -me- from all of the snakes and took them out of the house as we discovered them. They never tried to bite her, but they did squirm and hiss when she picked them up and tossed them as far as she could from our home. Our house was bright and clean—safe and comfortable, but in active war mode against the original sinners.

Then my stepfather came in and took me away.

When we sat on a table, the woman made slight conversation and served -me- a (white) plate of rice and beans; but there was barely anything to eat. I could have probably counted the rice and beans in less than fifteen minutes if I'd wanted to; it was that meager. Chunks of cheese (mozzarella, I believe) were also hastily thrown around the dish to give it the appearance of being full, but even that didn't do much. In my waking life, I love eating rice and beans, so I -somehow- began suspecting that something wasn't right when this dish popped up. I was proved right -literally- seconds later.

The beans and rice disappeared, and the woman brought in an oval plate filled with -meat- that looked like a horrified face sculpture made out of ground beef. A watered-down version of tomato sauce covered it (it was actually blood) and she cut a piece and fed it to me before I could protest. I swallowed the stupid thing without much effort and moments later, the woman told me that what I had just eaten was lion -meat-.

I don't know why, but that horrified me. Eating that lion's flesh and -meat- horrified me. I can't describe it. It was sickening. Absolutely sickening. I have had far worse and more chaotic dreams than this, but the idea of eating something that was so powerful, yet endangered just, ugh. It fucked me up. I wanted to wake up, but I couldn't, so the dream continued and got worse.

There was a time loop. That's the only way I can describe it. I was in that restaurant and then I was magically back -home-. I had no concept of how I ended up there, but then again no one ever knows how travel works in dreams. Well some might, but...

The house was dark now. A faint light remained and -my- mother was struggling with one (final) snake. She asked me for help and as terrified as I felt, I grabbed the -yellow- snake with my hand and tugged. I tugged so hard it began to hurt her (the snake). She latched onto my younger brother's neck and wouldn't let go. The medium part of its body was wrapped around itself like a cinnamon roll and my mother held onto my younger brother, who was terrified, for dear life. Its muscles contracted with the effort of latching on and it bit down harder. My brother screamed and my mother panicked. I wanted to pass out.

I grabbed the snake's head and pried it open somehow. I don't remember how I did it, but the snake released, and my mother grabbed its head while I held onto its tail and we both tugged. She ripped the snake's head and I tore its body into pieces. Blood splattered everywhere and just like that it was over. I woke up with my legs and feet snugly wrapped around my comforter, dazed and confused. Horrified, because I had eaten lion -meat- and relieved because the snakes couldn't get me anymore.

The irony of it all? I have a snake tattoo on my right arm that stretches from the top of my forearm to about a fourth of the way down my hand.

They are one of my favorite animals.

M. Roy