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(The Endeavor Updates No. X-XIX)

X – The Shadow of Gold is revised (marked completed at this stage) and is ready for the next update. 5:23pm. 11.10.2019

XI – The O. for The Girl is complete. 10:39pm. 11.10.2019.

XII – The Girl is revised (marked completed at this stage) and is ready for the next update. 11:26pm. 11.12.201.

XII – The O. for The Council of Dwarves is complete. 11:42pm. 11.12.2019.

XIV – The Council of Dwarves is revised (marked completed at this stage) and is ready for the next update. 11:37pm. 11.13.2019.

XV – The O. for The Neverfaun Tree was completed two days (11.14.2019) ago. 11:15am. 11.16.2019.

XVI – The O. for Chase was completed four days (11.15.2019) ago. 11:44pm. 11.19.2019.

XVII – The O. for Flight was completed yesterday (11.18.2019). 11:50pm. 11.19.2019.

XVIII – The Neverfaun Tree is revised (marked completed at this stage) and is ready for the next update. 12:12am. 11.20.2019.

XIX – The O. for The River Dwellers is complete. 10:13pm. 11.24.2019.


The most difficult part about working on “The Endeavor” is having the courage (and guts) to start. Day after day after day after day. The easiest part? Everything that happens immediately after.

(Summer Ditchin')

I ditched a lot during my Junior and Senior years of high school (for various reasons I will most likely never reveal why) and one of my favorite places (EVER) to go to when the weather was nice was the Como Park Zoo and Conservatory. image

They have some of the most beautiful and exotic plants you could possibly imagine, and it was one of the few places where I was able to work on my writing in peace and solitude. The walk from school to this place on hot, sticky and humid days (carrying a backpack weighing 15-25 lbs. AND sometimes a textbook or two in my hands) was excruciating but one-thousand percent worth it.

I will always be fond of this place and my heart is filled with a lot of beautiful memories: writing underneath a large rock in their exquisite Japanese Garden, sweating like a pig while strolling through their Tropical Encounters exhibit, and taking pictures and reading interesting facts posted on wooden signs within the conservatory gardens. There is something so magical about this place. If you ever get a chance to visit please do so. There is no entrance fee to the zoo and gardens and that is one of the many reasons I was able to go so much as a dumb and unappreciative (towards my education) teen. image

Near the entrance (by the parking lots) there is a tree with a funny face that always reminded me of what Strega Nona would look like if she was a guy. If you ever have a chance to go, try looking for it.

(The Endeavor Updates No. III-IX)

III – Escape is revised (marked completed at this stage) and is ready for the next update. 1:53am. 11.02.2019.

IV – The Shadow is revised (marked completed at this stage) and is ready for the next update. 6:55pm. 11.03.2019

V – The O. for The Portal is complete. 10:30pm. 11.03.2019

VI – The Portal (re-titled The River of Stars) is revised (marked completed at this stage) and is ready for the next update. 9:37pm. 11.05.2019

VII – Unfinished Business is revised (marked completed at this stage) and is ready for the next update. 10:17pm. 11.05.2019

VIII – The Bookmaster is revised (marked completed at this stage) and is ready for the next update. 7:24pm. 11.06.2019

IX – The O. for The Shadow of Gold is complete. 7:59pm. 11.06.2019. I am hustling and bustling, moving and grooving—and I looooove it! It feels good (real good) to get back to it again after so fucking long…

(The Endeavor Update No. II)

The O. for the second part of the E.P. for The Endeavor is FINALLY complete. It took a wee longer than expected, but now the real(ly frustrating, but rewarding) work begins. I am approximately 89.5% out of the doldrums.


(Perfect Movie Experience)

Last year, my sister and I wore nearly identical outfits and went by bus to the movies. The moment we arrived, we stopped by the mall to buy a jacket for yours truly because I had neglected to bring one and was feeling cold. Afterwards, we had dinner at this “fancy” restaurant where I irresponsibly had a beer while caring for a minor and spent $68 + 15% gratuity on two plates of pasta, water, a pint of beer and a fancy drink for my sister.

After dinner we walked to the movie theater and saw Halloween with the amazing and incredibly talented Jamie Lee-Curtis. The atmosphere at the movie theater was absolutely perfect. I am NOT someone who likes to waste money and time going to the movies, so me being excited about seeing Halloween was definitely unusual and celebration-worthy.

On those very rare occasions when I do go, it’s usually by myself and I always go early in the morning because I am a granny who does not appreciate loud and obnoxious babies, bratty teens making dumb and unnecessary jokes and noises, and big groups of people who make it their life’s mission to take the best seats from everyone else.

BUT on that day, everything was different. Everyone was chatting, texting, joking, walking up and down the aisles, acting dumb and silly and stupid and I DIDN’T MIND. It felt appropriate and good and right and it was absolutely perfect. My sister and I made dumb jokes and commentary the entire time and people chimed in. The audience gasped and groaned and whooped and cheered and lived and died and enjoyed at all the right parts and…ugh! Words cannot describe how amazing and wonderful and old-timey everything felt.

I told my sister something very personal that day and she cried (if you’re reading this I’m sorry about that day, but thank you for being so patient and kind and for always lending me your ear. I love you more than words can describe), so after that downpour of tears, lame jokes to make up for those tears and unconditional sister-sympathy, going to the movies and having such a wonderful time was awesome.

If there was ever a perfect movie experience that was it. I don’t think any other time will surpass it. Another time might come close, but nothing is ever as good as the first time.

(The Endeavor Update No. I)

The O. for the second part of the E.P. for The Endeavor is almost complete. I will most likely complete it today—and then the real(ly frustrating, but rewarding) work begins. Sibling No. 1 saw the O. on Saturday and feels excited about the direction in which The Endeavor is going. I am excited too. Everything is and feels more clear and consistent. Progress is happening and I am almost out of the doldrums.


(Wishes for a Non-Existing Genie)

The other day, I was talking to my sister while working on The Endeavor when I said, “I wish cancer didn’t exist.” After a few seconds, I paused and said, “I need a pen right now.”

My sister found my remark “random” and I explained to her that I had wanted to wish for a pen, but ended up wishing that cancer didn’t exist in case a genie was nearby and my wish actually came true.

My sister asked why I would do something so stupid and I (very casually) told her I would hate to waste something as precious and unique as a wish on something stupid like wishing for a pen, for people to shut the fuck up, for my socks to match, etc., when I could potentially cure cancer, make people accept that climate change is real, or bring Abraham Lincoln back from the dead to save us all—among many other things.

My sister, being the truly—and arguably only—smart person of the family, gave me several reasons as to why a genie would not be standing next to me to grant my wish: genies aren’t real, we don’t live in Agrabah so a genie can’t be nearby, nothing ever happens in Minnesota, etc.

While she was speaking, I realized that as arrogant and pretentious as my desire to cure cancer or bring back my favorite president from the dead sounds, my subconscious was using comedy to remind me to choose my words carefully; to be mindful about what I wish for; and, like the caterpillar in the Labyrinth movie, to not take anything for granted.

A lot of times, we tend to forget that our words and actions are incredibly powerful and that as crazy (and Marianne Williamson) as it sounds, the universe IS listening to us and paying attention to our manifestations.

Let this be a reminder to everyone to be kind and to put out positive things into the universe. Godspeed.

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