(19 Highlights of 2019)

2019 has been a year. A bad one mostly, BUT some good things have happened along the way. I won't mention the bad things here cause' I'll remember those for as as long as I live, but the good stuff always tends to go without realizing it. In an effort to curve that I've decided to make a....listicle.

  1. The BEST THING to have happened this year was, without a doubt, THE ENDEAVOR. After three years of fucking around, I finally did it. I rolled my sleeves up, got my shit together and got to it. No BS. No excuses. I just did it.

  2. The BEST MOVIE I watched this year was Ready or Not. I go to the movies about once a year (if that) and when I do go, this is EXACTLY the type of stuff I will happily pay a full-price ticket to go see.

  3. The BEST SHORT FILM I saw this year was Over the Garden Wall. No explanation needed.

  4. The BEST TV-SHOW I saw this year was Blood & Treasure. I am a sucker for this type of storytelling, and I could not help myself. Traveling to exotic places? Check. Action, drama, betrayal and adventure? Check! Read like a book at times? DOUBLE Check!

  5. The BEST BOOK I read was Half-Past Midnight by Mr. Stephen King. No explanation needed for this one, either.

  6. The BEST BEER I had this year was a Ponyboy.

  7. The COOLEST EVENT I went to was a drag talent show contest in some odd venue I don’t remember the name of in Minneapolis.


  9. My favorite EVENT was going Christmas shopping. There was something so relaxing and fun about doing my part to control Amazon's ever-increasing grip on the dying horse that is the retail industry.

  10. The BEST ADVICE I read anywhere was “Honesty without tact is cruelty”.

  11. The TIME WHERE I SAW MY FUTURE MOST CLEARLY was immediately after I sat my ass down to create the outline for The Endeavor.

  12. The THING I SPLURGED THE MOST ON was books. The amount was ungodly, so I shall not say how much; but it was a lot. I don't regret it either. I'd rather die than go at least a couple of weeks without buying any.

  13. The BEST ICE CREAM I had this year was a mix of Cotton Candy and Bubblegum. Unicorn Magic was also bomb.com.

  14. My FAVORITE WORD of 2019 was “thock”. I don’t remember where I heard it, but I am pretty sure it is a word. Look it up!

  15. The COOLEST SERVICE I used was SPPL’s Ask A Librarian. Those guys work really hard and don't get paid enough.

  16. Leaving my job in May was the MOST STRESS-RELIEVING THING I did this year, hands down.

  17. The BEST MAX MOMENT of 2019 was…him taking a shit LITERALLY TWENTY SECONDS BEFORE THE NEW YEAR. He had nothing left to prove, so why not?

  18. The COOLEST GIFTS I received were: a medusa statue, a water bottle that I had been wanting for 8 months AND a pillow with Max's face on it.

  19. And finally, for shits and giggles…the DUMBEST THING that happened to me this year was PULLING A MUSCLE WHILE SLEEPING.